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Become a sponsor We are grateful for the generous support from our sponsors and members of the community. Contributions like yours help Interior Alaska Green Star continue our educational and recycling programs.
E-waste is the fastest growing part of our waste stream. E-Recycling prevents toxic and dangerous materials from entering our landfills and allows for many of the components to be broken down and reused.

Electronics Recycling DepotIAGS Recycle Truck-march

Green Star offers the only green electronics recycling program in the Interior. 

We pay for recycling through Total Reclaim, a Seattle-based e-steward (a truly rigorous, internationally compliant certification program assuring e-recycling best practices). This Depot provides year-round access to a full-service electronics recycling drop-off station for residents of Fairbanks and surrounding areas.

Thanks to FNSB’s Recycling Commission, this service is FREE for Fairbanks North Star Borough businesses and households!


Upcoming Dates:

May 15 & 16
June 19 & 20
July 17 & 18


Location: 1855 Marika Road (UAF’s Central Receiving Warehouse off of Aurora). Click Here for a map of the location.

Dates: Third Friday/Saturday of Every Month

Hours:  10 am to 4 pm both days


Ways you can help:

Set out directional signs to help people find the Electronics Recycling Depotvolunteer

Prepare volunteer supply/snack table

Help participants unload vehicles

Check in electronics/take inventory

Separate and stack electronics; prepare pallets for shipment

Sort and package batteries (light duty)

Sign up to volunteer by clicking here.


Items Accepted

Electronics Recycling Information


See this page for a list of the most common electronics devices accepted for recycling.  Other items not listed may also be recycled – please contact us with any questions if you are in doubt.

Items NOT Accepted

The following items CANNOT be accepted at this time:

  • Full size appliances: washers/dryers, refrigerators, ovens, etc.
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Exit Signs
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Fluorescent Light Bulbs (NOTE: CFLs can be dropped off at Home Depot; tubes can be recycled at North Coast Electric for a fee.)



  • Local restaurants could provide lunch for 10-15 volunteers on collection days
  • Businesses could put together a team of volunteers and help out for a few hours
  • Offer a financial contribution to help support the program. The FNSB grant offsets many of the electronics recycling expenses, but additional donations help Green Star expand the program. You can help us break through our 2015 goal: 1,000,000 pounds of e-waste diverted from the FNSB landfill! You can donate here.
  • Provide approximately 1,500 square feet of warehouse space  and forklift/operator as an in-kind donation or at discounted rates. By hosting the monthly collections, your company would get monthly exposure and recognition in the community for supporting this popular program.

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